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Personas should be created, and these personas desired user journey carefully mapped. Highlighting key opportunities for improving the relationship between the users and the product, service or brand.

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What is a User Journey Map?

A User Journey map is a diagram or illustration of the overall story or experience from an individual users perspective of their relationship with a product or service. They are most often used as part of both UX research and UX design stages, either understanding a current user journey or mapping a new user journey. They are a great tool for focusing on the longer term relationships with customers, building on a user’s perception, consistency and trust.

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Why map the customer journey

  • Look at the wider journey outside of the website journey itself
  • Illustrate complex interactions between people and brands in understandable diagrams
  • Begin to map, plan and edit content to guide users through the User Journey
  • Find sticking points and difficulties where user’s may struggle

User journey mapping works best if it’s based on actual user research and it’s best used in the research and strategy phase of a project. A detailed User Journey Map should include user interaction, 3rd party systems, and non-customers who are critical to the user completing their journey. Without them you risk annoying customers, leaving them confused and lost which ultimately affects your bottom line.

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