I have a background in user experience, previously working as a Graphic Designer, UI Designer, UX Designer and Digital Producer at Great Fridays and Cube3. Working in agile environments with a wide spectrum of industry professionals including visualisers, developers, industrial engineers, copywriters, social, SEO specialists and most importantly, clients.


I believe in working collaboratively and iteratively. We introduce a user-centred focus to the project, fundamental in creating intuitive and tailored experiences that empathise with the end-user and business requirements.


EPIK are based in Manchester. If you fancy a casual chat don't hesitate to contact me.

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A user centric approach through discovery, ideation, validation, iteration and delivery phases.

  1. Discovery - Needs of the customers and business are understood
  2. Ideation - Create design concepts that can then be quickly validated
  3. Validation - Ideas are validated through invaluable feedback
  4. Iteration - Opportunity to respond to changes in user needs and business goals
  5. Delivery - Deliver the best user experience through handover and further collaboration


Productive UX techniques to develop empathetic understanding.

  • Meaningful design - Many people believe that UX Design is sketching and designing interfaces. The truth is UX is much broader than that and is more about establishing how a product or service fits in a users lives in a meaningful way.
  • Methods and techniques - Through stakeholder interviews, workshops, persona development, understanding quantitative data, conceptual drawing, and rapid prototyping, ideas can be validated and relevant design produced that serves a genuine purpose.